Welcome to Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a Central European country comprising the historical lands of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia, which have formed the nucleus of the Czech state since the early Middle Ages. The forefathers of its inhabitants settled there during the 5th to 10th centuries A.D. Around the year 868 Prince Borivoj I of the Premyslide family became the ruler and his dynasty laid the foundations of the Czech state during the following five centuries. The Luxemburgs ruled from 1310 to 1437, and from the mid 16th century the Habsburg dynasty. Czech’s capital, Prague, is just 1 hour away by air from Frankfurt and 1hr 10 mins away from Paris.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has become one of the most visited countries of Europe, with high-quality services, whose offer is far greater than that required by ordinary travellers. It can now satisfy even the most sophisticated among them. Though small in size, the country has a wealth of natural scenery, fine architecture and a rich cultural life. Culture and History are two phenomena that are literally omnipresent in the Czech Republic. This is probably why the country is ideal for incentive tourism. Moreover, it has many experienced tour organisers capable of not only capturing all the nuances but also of creating an unforgettable atmosphere. The Czech Republic has an advantageous geographical location in the centre of Europe. A pleasant climate and varied scenery, coupled with its rich culture and historical monuments, make the Czech Republic one of the most popular destinations in Europe today.

GREGOR MENDEL the botanist and FATHER OF GENETICS, spent most of his years in BRNO, a city in Czech Republic. Today, there is a University called MENDEL UNIVERSITY in BRNO named after him.


Population : 10.7 million
Area : 78,900 Sq. Km.
Capital : Prague
Language : Czech & English
Currency : EURO 1 = KC.26 / 27 = I. Rs.3.5 / 3.6


The Bohemian and Moravian cuisine is delicious. Typical National and International dishes are served at most restaurants. Bohemia’s most typical dish is roast pork with dumplings and cabbage. Pork feasts are very popular with Czech. Other national dishes include roast goose, venison and hare, and fruit dumplings.

Cultural Life

Many Czech cities, Prague in particular, offer plenty of opportunities for entertainments, ranging from classical and jazz music to theatrical productions, films, dancing and discotheques. Hradec Králové is a town of colourful highlights. In addition to theatres and the Philharmonic Orchestra, today’s cultural life is enhanced by a world famous puppet theatre ̋Drak ̋, the excellent choirs ̋Boni Pueri ̋ and ̋Jitro ̋ and other artistic organisations.

A number of international theatre performances, music festivals and competitions take place in Hradec Králové during the year. For instance, the international jazz festival ̋Jazz Goes to Town ̋ is comprised of numerous concerts both in the open scene and in the facilities of the old town.


The country is economically advanced. Its social and economic infrastructure are comparable to other countries in Europe. It is a member of European Union. Technically they are highly sophisticated; for example, Skoda car and Bohemia Crystals.

Czech Brands

Many Czech Brands are well known in the Indian Household. BATA and SKODA, for example, are well known even in a village in India for their quality Czech products. CHARLES University is yet another excellent example.


The climatic conditions are quite healthy and similar to that of Germany. In winter, the temperature falls to -8/10oc and in summer it goes up to +25/27oc. Hence both winter and summer clothing are necessary.


Permanent Residency

When you graduate from any Czech University, you can apply for Permanent Residency in Czech (European Union Nation). Please visit Ministry of Social Affairs, Prague website.

From 21 Dec, 2007 Czech has become one of the Schengen state, hence do not require another visa to travel within European Union. The Charles University degree is  accepted anywhere in European Union.