Post -Graduate Doctoral Study Program (Ph.D)

Postgraduate doctoral study (Ph.D) at our faculty is organized in accredited study fields covering all theoretical and clinical branches of medicine. Conditions for admission, dissertation thesis topics, content of entrance exams, etc., are different for individual study fields and are adapted every year according to the requirements of the subject Co-ordinating Boards. Admission proceedings for Ph.D. study for the following academic year are announced by the Scientific Board and by the Academic Senate of the Faculty usually at the beginning of January, together with the deadline for submitting applications, which is latest by April 30.

Annually international students pay Euro 5,000 for expenses incurred for study conducted in the English language. Accommodation, food, and health insurance expenses are not included in this amount. The living cost will be same like UG.

Although it is possible to complete the postgraduate doctoral study program in English, basic knowledge of Czech for international students is necessary for communication with patients at clinical departments.

The standard duration of study is 3 / 5  years.